Our company was founded by a graduate of the USAF Weapons School. We have a genuine passion for training, which we recognize is the cornerstone of all military operations.

Almost half of PatchPlus employees are graduates of USAF ISR, Space and Air Mobility Weapons Instructor Courses, and USN Top Gun, where they earned tactical expertise in their combat specialty and learned to be instructors to the instructors as well as advisors to senior decision-makers.

PatchPlus Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are all highly educated and have served or continue to serve in the reserve component. Many are award-winning instructors with experience teaching initial skills, mission qualification, and advanced courses, as well as professional military education courses at Service and Combat Support Agency.


PatchPlus has extensive past performance and ongoing contracts delivering on-podium, virtual, and mobile training to students in all phases of the training continuum. In addition to delivering the training, PatchPlus has developed courses for the DOD, partners, and allies, applying the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model throughout the process to maximize training effectiveness.

We have delivered leading-edge training solutions, including Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC), virtual/augmented reality, and simulation environments across multiple warfighting domains and security levels. Additionally, we have delivered syllabi, evaluations, and checklist materials to support training.

PatchPlus has extensive experience supporting service-specific, joint, and combined military exercises. Our team’s expertise enables us to enhance these critical training environments, ensuring that they serve as effective platforms for operational readiness. This deep-seated knowledge underscores our commitment to preparing military personnel for the complexities of modern warfare and our desire to continue to make a difference.


Areas of Expertise

Instruction and Curriculum Development


Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Training

Instructional Systems Design

Exercise and Scenario Development


Why PatchPlus?

The breadth and depth of PPC’s program & requirements management, technical experience, and training management span the Department of Defense (DoD), Joint Staff, Air Force, Space Force, Navy, NGA, and National Guard communities. Our commitment to excellence and our Warfighter focus helps our customers achieve their mission goals on time and within cost.

Our task leads are part of a company-wide, flat, interconnected system under a Team of Teams approach. These strong lateral connections, where individuals communicate and interact across multiple teams, create a shared intellectual horsepower where the collective team solves complex problems for the customer.




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